"Hacking Narcissism" on the Clubhouse App (Replay Recording)

Negotiating with Narcissistic People


Summary: Complete audio recording of a role-playing episode from the Hacking Narcissism club (75-minute duration | 500+ visitors)

Moderator Team: Nathalie Martinek, Ph.D. (Narcissism Hacker & Founder of Hacking Narcissism), Pam Lester (Entertainment Attorney & Negotiation Coach), Issac Betancourt (FBI-Trained Hostage Negotiator & Negotiation Coach), Jordan Schaul, Ph.D. (Mental Health Educator & Advocate & Founder of Scapegoat Strength)

Special Guests: Jeremy Fox (EMDR Therapist & Trauma Specialist) Rowshanak Hashemiyoon, Ph.D. (Clinical & Computational Neuroscientist), Steve Wruble, MD (Psychiatrist & Chapter Author of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump)